Which French dating site is right for you?

If you are into French girls and looking for the best website to meet one or how to put the odds on your side to hunt down the soul mate on a dating site? A quick tour of dating sites to ensure virtual side before taking action … or not!

For those who want to find the perfect guy

Tired of looking without landmarks whoever you need? The NRJ Chat (Lien) Principle will help you sort through the suitors. “Where would you like to live with your future partner? Do you sleep with the windows open? Do you believe that man is good? So many questions that will establish the exact profile of the one you are looking for. After answering this quiz, you will have a choice of contenders that come closest to your selection criteria. A scholarly calculation of common and complementary points to make no mistake!

NRJ Chat

For the cultured

You love Godard’s movies but your ex was addicted to blockbusters and signed the death sentence for your relationship? With “Commonalities”, you will select your future contenders by “cultural affinities”. Expos, movies, music: indicate your favorites of the moment or always and, who knows, next weekend you will go to the cinema … accompanied!

Common points

For Cheaters

The latest born dating site launched on the net, “Gleeden” is for married women or looking for … a lover! Here, we do not believe that we are single when we are in a relationship, we rather shout his desire for infidelity high and strong!


For those who want to have power

The concept of “AdopteUnMec” is very girl power! Imagine a men’s supermarket and you wander on the shelves with your shopping cart … The “products” are classified by category: sportsmen, nerds or beardless! And each man-object corresponds to a sheet where we discover his “functions” such as massage, cooking, humor … You can also choose between “specials of the day” and “regional products”. Above all, it is you and only you who allow men to speak to you.


For those who are left Wing

If you’re fed up with heated debates and bartering in front of the news, why not put your political affinities in tune with those of your future partner? On “Left-meeting”, you are sure to only trade with people … left!


For those who are on the right Wing

If your heart leans to the right, rather than flirt on the official website of the UMP, “Right-meeting” guarantees you to chat with people … right! The slogan of the site? “For those who want to discuss politics well, but not in bed! “.


For those who sort their waste

Do you make your carbon balance once a month minimum? You are vegetarian and can not stand that your (future) man is addicted to steaks and boycotts sorting? On “Organic loves”, you are sure to find a shoe to your feet … without polluting too much!

Organic loves

For those who feel VIP

Already, to be accepted in the big family of “Attractive World”, it is necessary to show white paw. The members of the site then have a few days to accept or refuse your application. Here, place to demanding singles: the graduates, of good social level, the financial situation flourished and well in all respects will have the right to flirt in peace …

Attractive World

For those who focus on their physique

This site is reserved for “Beautiful People” from all over the world … Only those who have an advantageous physique and turn out to be “sporty and glamorous” will be able to claim to be seductresses. For 48 hours, men vote to decide whether you will be elected or not! Know that Norwegians are usually favorites … Good luck!


For the adventurous

For single women or couples who want to make their fantasies reality … On “EdenFlirt”, place “naughty paradise”! You want to spice up your nights, meet men solo or why not couples: this site celebrates sex without commitment. So much so that you can specify the sensual atmosphere you are looking for or the type of sexual intercourse! Romantic souls abstain!