After the Mobile App, Tinder Online Debuts on The Web for PC and MAC


The famous dating app Tinder evolves. We could only use it from his smartphone. From now on, you can go directly through your computer.

Tinder recently announced the arrival of its service on the Web. The experience is the same, users can always Swipe on your PC to the left or right to indicate whether the person they see on the screen is interested or not. If there is a “match” (two people who have marked being interested), it will then be possible to initiate a conversation directly from the Internet to get to know each other and possibly meet later.

Why launch a web version of Tinder?

Why launch Tinder on the Web, after the mobile application? On his blog, Tinder notes that not everyone is in a region where 4G is available. He also notes that some lack of storage space on their smartphones, which prevents them from installing the application. This is where the Tinder Web version comes in. It should be noted that the user logs in with the same account, the Tinder application and the website are complementary. We can start on one and continue on the other for example.

Tinder on the Web is available on, simply. Initially, this service is offered in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines and Sweden. No date is given for the rest of the world.