Reviews of the Best Dating Sites for this Summer

Which dating site would you advise me? This is the question that a reader recently asked me. I was a fan of dating sites when I was single but I do not use them since I’m in a relationship. I can not test these sites. On the other hand, I have many friends who use these sites daily.

So I interviewed some friends and asked them which dating sites they tested, which they preferred / advised, and the reason for their choice.

Tinder dating site

The good side of Tinder en Ligne dating site. The concept: ease of access. So it’s the most consumerist. Just a click to meet someone. One click to clear it. It’s a purely physical selection. One can write two three words under his pictures but nobody will read them. We go to flatter his ego, see if we like.

We end up with a big pack of games and the exchange continues with only 10% (and more). General impression: the ease of access makes you find a package of married men / indispo / hyper hunters. I’ve never had so many requests for “I’m coming to your house, we order sushi and we mate a good movie but be careful I do not sleep” so hunting methods very fun, sometimes cheeky. Sensible soul to withhold. I do not recommend to girls who have never made virtual meetings.

There is a pack of Fucksters who tell and seem super cool and serious when they have only one goal: to consume. So ladies pity beware of this kind of fake charming princes. Everyone does not assume his desires. Some will be honest “I’m looking for something light,” the majority a lot less.

The app of mass par excellence, it swipes a lot on the left, not too right, but considering the number, it ends up doing lots of likes and matches. As happn, big advantage, you can not talk to you if the 2 have not liked. Serious dudes, shots of a night that are announced clearly (thank you !!) and other more vicious … Same as for happn, a lot of games, lots of aborted discussions, qq nice discussions followed by meetings and on heaps, very little feeling … And when feeling, it is still necessary to know the difference between the guy who is there to catch but does not say, the one who looks serious but still browses the site (and many more at the same time?) and the rare exceptions of serious dudes. So, a lot of hope, a lot of disappointment. Personally I find that you have to be morally strong on these sites because past the tempting showcase is a lot of slaps that must be managed.


I appreciate this app that I find quite effective. Many people and profiles really vary depending on where you are (the pb of geolocation when you live in a neighborhood by very young … another bp could be the inconvenient side to cross your colleagues office!) . No category as on Badoo Gratuit, no long detailed profile, but in the end is this really useful? Everyone says what he wants to show. There are obviously a lot of games because here is the mass effect. Discussions and interesting dates. We often find tinder profiles. Serious guys, others less, there’s everything. Big advantage, you can not talk to you if the 2 did not like, it avoids MSG by anybody and anyone. I had some quick contacts on this site, some nice, others who clearly continued to browse the app …

Happn has this funny side to meet people at a given place. Which is a plus and a penalty at the same time (I imagine that the girls who have a neighbor libidinous must be done in some cases). The application is horribly bugged (French quality) and we also cross a lot of tourists on paris. There are often the same heads as on Tinder.


So people of passage, expats on the spot for a short time. The nice side: profiles a little more singular and open minds. The least: being able to be contacted by everyone without any restriction, we end up with dozens of emails from Uzbekistan / Algeria or others, in short, men who would like a good marriage visa. There are also many fetish guys like “I like your eyebrows or toes” or “I’m married and I have a mistress I’m looking for a second we take a beer? “. Let’s say it’s very open minded.


I tested Once but I did not stay on this site that wants to be selective and privileging the individual on the mass. In the end I do not have the impression that I was offered profiles corresponding to my preferences and if it is necessary to wait 24 hours to see a new profile which in the end will have very little chance to please me (please us elsewhere) because there must be a match to discuss), little chance of meetings. In this case for me almost no discussion, no date.