Omegle The Best Chatroulette Like Chatting Site


Omegle is a dating site that has chosen to bet on the webcam. Secret Story sponsor for 3 years, Omegle has built a small reputation but what is really worth this site? We tested and here is our opinion.

How Omegle Works

The operation of Omegle random chat webcam is quite similar to that of other dating sites with one exception: everything happens by webcam. No simple chat, no private messaging, everything happens in front of your camera. Omegle considers this the best way to avoid unpleasant surprises in the era of photoshop and over-optimized selfies. We are thus close to a chatroulette or an omegle but which would have for finality a physical meeting. In reality we are almost more on a sexcam site than on a webcam dating site because site users often come to show off.

Users of Omegle

The site says it has 30,000 users. Its existence dating from 2010, this figure seems quite low and one can wonder what is its dynamics, the explosions having probably reached their peak at the time of the sponsorship of secret story.

To attract girls, Omegle offers them free registration. The free registration is also valid for men but to do anything they will have to pay, 6 € for 8h, 17 € for a week and 65 € for a month. If you take the short trial periods, be careful, they are automatically renewed.

Despite this free registration, there are more men than single women. There are also some couples exhib and some gays come to see men show off but the interactions are quite limited and it is, in our opinion, difficult to make real encounters on Omegle.

Precautions on Omegle

On Omegle as on all webcam sites you must be very careful because anyone can “project” a video taken on the internet or broadcast from cam4 or pretend to be someone he is not. Thus you will be able to find grazers who will pretend to be sexy girls and who will seek to capture compromising videos of you to make you sing. So be very discreet about your true identity, never give your Facebook account to anyone on Omegle and wait for a physical meeting to tell you more about who you really are.

Our opinion on Omegle

If the principle was interesting, we were not very convinced by Omegle. Hybrid website between dating site and webcam site, it is quite expensive compared to its competitors and does not communicate enough to attract enough new users. We will therefore favor other sites whether it is porn webcam sites or online dating specialists.