Define a mobile marketing strategy for your application

Mobile Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Engagement And Sales

Smartphones have become a relevant lever today to reach and retain new customers. For example, more than 50% of Spaniards, more than 27 million people, already use mobile applications. Creating an application for your business could allow you to take advantage of this enormous potential offered by the mobile market. However, you should keep in mind that it is not easy to make an app successful in the face of fierce competition: there are over 1.3 million apps on Google Play Store and 1 , 2 million on the Apple App Store. Without an effective mobile marketing strategy, your application runs the risk of remaining unnoticed.

To create a high quality mobile application, you need a competent application developer; To be successful, you need to have a strong m-marketing strategy in place. This should be developed before the launch of your application and focus in particular on two goals: downloads and user engagement, that is, the real keys to success.

The first step of mobile marketing: downloads

1 – First, make sure mobile users can easily find your app on Google Play and Apple Store. For this, you must treat your ASO or, in the case of web applications, your SEO. It is also important to choose the right category for your application. If no category fits its theme perfectly, choose the one that you think is closest to it.

2 – Having a good ASO strategy and SEO is the first step to properly position your application, but the right keywords will not be enough to convince users to download it. When someone publishes an app, for example, on Google Play, he ventures into a market rich in 400 million Android phones or, in other words, 400 million potential users, but he also finds himself at home. amidst a huge ocean of applications. That’s why your app needs to be well positioned in its category and in different rankings. In this regard, it should be noted that user ratings and comments greatly affect the placement of an application in the rankings. If your application is much downloaded, it can appear in the rankings of outstanding applications or in the top free applications.

The true goal of mobile marketing: user engagement

What good is it to get many downloads if users abandon your application after the first use? They may have paid for the download, but if they leave your application unhappy, they will make a bad comment that may scare away potential users. In this way, your application will quickly stop generating revenue. That’s why any mobile marketing strategy must also aim to retain and engage users.

Three ingredients are needed to engage mobile users: empathy, excellence and exclusivity.

To provide the best experience within your app, try to put yourself in the user’s shoes to understand their needs. For example, it is important that the application can work offline, especially if it is a tourism application. Ask the user to connect to the network to find the address of a museum he wants to visit during his trip abroad or to access his ticket fifteen minutes before takeoff it is the synonym of disappointing him and, probably, losing him.

A good mobile application is always evolving. The user will appreciate that the application improves, offers new options or at least gets rid of its bugs. If your application is of interest to its users, they will not hesitate to communicate to you through the comments their wishes concerning it. Enjoy and show users that you are listening to them. Not only will they come back, but they will most likely bring you new users.

Each application project requires a strong mobile marketing strategy. It’s true, but the best idea is worthless without a team capable of implementing it. Contact us to find developers or experts in mobile marketing.