Los mejores sitios generales de citas para relaciones serias

Los mejores sitios de citas para encontrar una relación seria en 2020. Diferentes sitios de citas ofrecen diferentes experiencias de citas en línea, y es importante elegir el que mejor se adapte a su tipo de personalidad y objetivos de relación. No es suficiente elegir un sitio de citas que usó tu amigo, o el que viste en un comercial. Si usted es realmente serio, debe hacer su tarea para encontrar los sitios de citas con buena reputación e historias de éxito comprobadas.Continue reading →

Reviews of the Best Dating Sites for this Summer

Which dating site would you advise me? This is the question that a reader recently asked me. I was a fan of dating sites when I was single but I do not use them since I’m in a relationship. I can not test these sites. On the other hand, I have many friends who use these sites daily.

So I interviewed some friends and asked them which dating sites they tested, which they preferred / advised, and the reason for their choice.

Tinder dating site

The good side of Tinder en Ligne dating site. The concept: ease of access. So it’s the most consumerist. Just a click to meet someone. One click to clear it. It’s a purely physical selection. One can write two three words under his pictures but nobody will read them. We go to flatter his ego, see if we like.Continue reading →

Which French dating site is right for you?

If you are into French girls and looking for the best website to meet one or how to put the odds on your side to hunt down the soul mate on a dating site? A quick tour of dating sites to ensure virtual side before taking action … or not!

For those who want to find the perfect guy

Tired of looking without landmarks whoever you need? The NRJ Chat (Lien) Principle will help you sort through the suitors. “Where would you like to live with your future partner? Do you sleep with the windows open? Do you believe that man is good? So many questions that will establish the exact profile of the one you are looking for. After answering this quiz, you will have a choice of contenders that come closest to your selection criteria. A scholarly calculation of common and complementary points to make no mistake!Continue reading →

How to get started in web application development?

While most developers focus on creating native mobile apps, the market is in great demand for web applications. Training in web application development is relatively easy, especially if you already have programming skills. Here are some tips to help you become a web application developer.

Learn about web application development

You can do it in many ways. There are training centers in application development, but if you already have advanced programming knowledge, self-learning with the documentation available online may be sufficient. If you take your first steps in mobile development, you will still need to learn these skills:Continue reading →

Define a mobile marketing strategy for your application

Mobile Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Engagement And Sales

Smartphones have become a relevant lever today to reach and retain new customers. For example, more than 50% of Spaniards, more than 27 million people, already use mobile applications. Creating an application for your business could allow you to take advantage of this enormous potential offered by the mobile market. However, you should keep in mind that it is not easy to make an app successful in the face of fierce competition: there are over 1.3 million apps on Google Play Store and 1 , 2 million on the Apple App Store. Without an effective mobile marketing strategy, your application runs the risk of remaining unnoticed.Continue reading →

Sex of the future: RealDolls sex robots soon in your bed, according to scientists …

We will happily be having sex with robots soon, according to scientists.

Sex dolls or the woman object for real, artificial intelligence and robots will go so far as to invest our bedroom.

One day, will we make love with domestic androids, or will we marry them, as in Real Humans? In 2007, AI expert David Levy wrote that robots would end up so much like men, that people would fall in love with them, sleep with them, and want to marry them. 10 years later, for the researcher, organizer of the congress on “love and sex with robots”, no doubt: sex with robots, “it’s for tomorrow” – since the “sex robots” , or “sexbots”, landed this year. And predict marriage with them for 2050.

Some did not wait until 2050 to marry empty shells. In 2016, a Japanese, Senki Nakajima, left his family for a silicone doll. For him, she is “more than plastic”, and leads with a “perfect relationship” because “she will never betray it”.Continue reading →